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Spa troubleshooting help for free: Whether you purchased your spa from us or whether your spa is in or out of warranty, our team of 12 spa techs will help you diagnose any spa problem over the phone between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST. Our free diagnostic service will help to pinpoint your spa problem and save you hundreds of dollars.

Spa parts in stock: Many spa parts are proprietary and differ from one spa manufacturer to another. Getting a replacement pump motor with the exact amperage of the original is crucial to having your spa work the way it should. Even plumbing fittings for some spas are proprietary and differ slightly in dimensions from off-the-self PVC fittings. For 15 years, Spa Shopper has done warranty work for many of the largest spa makers in the United States. As a result, you can buy the spa replacement parts made by the manufacturer of your spa from




The Freestyle Story

A crossover spa with variable aesthetics, Freestyle conforms to no rules:

Free Style Spas

In general, traditional spas lack creativity – that’s where Freestyle comes in. All spas offer hydrotherapy. Some spas offer aromatherapy. But only Freestyle spas offer visual therapy to coincide with conventional relaxation methods.
Why settle for the status quo? At Freestyle Spas, we don’t. In an industry seemingly content to produce cookie-cutter hot tubs for decades, Freestyle doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd.


Free Style Spas

Our dedication revolves around expectations. Every challenge is seen as an opportunity to enhance the consumer experience.

Beauty: It can take up to an entire year to create one of our spas. Our designers regard each spa as a work of art. This approach to design promises that the molded ergonomic contours, the accent detail, lighting and cabinet color are all chosen to invoke a sensual experience.

Performance: Decades of engineering expertise and innovation go into every Freestyle Spa. We carefully formulate jet type and placement, water volume with pump size, plumbing size and linear friction, sanitizing systems and insulation for efficiency. Every spa is tested and developed by our engineers to capture the peak performance of each component.

Reliability: Freestyle Spa engineers have spent literally thousands of hours developing and testing new advancements. Only those components that meet our stringent standards of excellence are put into service for their consistent reliability. Buying a Freestyle Spa means buying from a company committed to quality.

Efficiency: As the technology leader, our spas are as energy efficient as they are effective for hydrotherapy. Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects of spa engineering. We study every area of consumption and optimize our components’ output based on daily use values. A good example of this is how we streamlined our plumbing systems in an effort to eliminate friction, thereby lowering operating costs.